When I was actually able to get an employee from Allianz on the phone and go over the details of our scenario, what I heard was shocking and hard to take in. No joke, they said “Man, speaking completely off the record here, I honestly feel really bad for all you guys who buy this. It’s pretty much a numbers scam and I hate this part of my job because the company sucks, but I gotta follow marching orders and just deny all we can”. Seriously laughable if my family wasn’t going through the medical problems we are :/

WARNING to all travelers considering using Allianz Global Assistance for an AA flight.

We recently had a flight to Rio booked where we were recommended to purchase trip insurance through Allianz Global Assistance and were told that for ANY medical event which led to cancelation, this would give us a full refund.

Unfortunately a few weeks before the flight my wife did require a trip to an OBGYN specialist and her Provider restricted her from all travel for 8-12 weeks (which fell right in the middle of the trip). We got supporting documentation from the clinic including a SIGNED letter from the Provider confirming he was restricting her from travel. He acknowledged that he was not comfortable release private patient information to an agency or outside organization who is NOT rendering medical care to the patient, and that any such act would result in a violation of the HIPPA patient privacy rights we are afforded in America. Unfortunately the folks at Allianz Global Assistance are not educated in the ways of privacy acts and said they have a firm policy for a policy holding patient to disclose the entire personal and private medical records release from the providers (and then asked for it in a NON-SECURE and non-encrypted manner for that matter! Another clear violation of the law). An employee there speaking on anonymity on the situation disclosed that they are instructed to just reject all claims and that they are only looked into if the customer files an appeal (and even ten he said they are audited and measured by the amount of claims they are able to reject). You all will have much better luck getting the airline to waive the cancelation policy in a circumstance like this (at least they don’t flat out disregard the customers privacy rights) then you would be going through a 3rd party vendor like this who measures bottom lines and fiscal year profit reports on policy purchases vs adjudicated claims. We have traveled the world and have close to 1 million miles with both American and United, and never in a million years would I recommend any travel utilizing a company Allianz Global. (and for that matter, I would recommend another Airline since AA still elects to send their customers to a group like this).

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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all their calls are recorded, an employee wouldnt say that ***. they'd lose their job.

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Finkelstein Thompson LLP is a class action law firm that litigates cases on behalf of consumers. FT is investigating complaints about Allianz Travel Insurance and Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance. These consumer complaints say that Allianz unfairly and unlawfully denies consumers travel insurance claims based on exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions and that the company also fails to provide adequate disclosures of such restrictions.

If you purchased Allianz Travel Insurance and your claim was denied due to a pre-existing medical condition and have questions regarding the facts or have information relating to this investigation, please call Caitlyn Finley at Finkelstein Thompson at (877) 800-1450 or email us at contact@finkelsteinthompson.com.

Sarah, HelpTeam
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Dear Anonymous,

We’re very sorry that your trip was canceled and we understand your disappointment. As an insurance company, our Physician Statement Form is designed to secure pertinent medical information which we need to process medically related claims. A customer is under no obligation to have their doctor release more information to us than they may want to, which we respect, but there is basic information we need to be able to assess the eligibility of a claim. Asking for this information is not a violation of the HIPAA Privacy Rule which sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made without patient authorization.

If you would like someone to walk you through our claims process in full detail please don’t hesitate to call our customer service line at 1-800-284-8300.


Sarah, HelpTeam

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