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the comment posted by a member of Allianz' so-called "help team" is anything but helpful. I do not need someone to walk me through the provisions of my policy.

I have read them, and: 1) the definition of "Emergency medical condition" is buried on page 26 of the; 27-page document; and 2) my mother's condition does not fall within that hidden definition; she was not experiencing symptoms of liver cancer before I purchased the policy. She was experiencing symptoms of flu. She has never been treated for liver cancer.

You should take a look at the ads that encourage travelers to buy your insurance.those ads -- on the same page where you click to purchase the insurance -- say: "Travel insurance -- Highly Recommended;" and "Get reimbursed up to 100% if you hve to cnacel or interrupt your trip due to illness." they also call travel insurance "one of the 10 best travel inventions of all time." That is not only highly misleading and deceptive; it is unethical given the huge disconnect between those ads and Allianz' extremely narrow construction of your policy. If you want to "help," pay my claim and stop playing bait and switch with travelers.

Original review posted by user Mar 12, 2013

My situation is very similar to a previously-filed complaint. My mother was hospitalized with an undiagnosed illness on January 14, 2013.

I purchased travel insurance on January 22, 2013. Two days later, my mother saw an oncologist for the first time. On January 31, she had a PET scan which showed that she has inoperable liver cancer. Allianz denied my claim because she was hospitalized prior to the cancer diagnosis.

However, we had no idea that she had cancer at that time, and believed that she would recover.

Her oncologist advised me to cancel my trip on February 19 because of the severity of my mother's condition. Nonetheless, Allianz treats her terminal cancer as a "preexisting condition." Funny, they don't mention that when consumers buy their worthless, so-called insurance.

Review about: Allianz Travel Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $474.

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So, what did "Sarah" say, here? Not much, except to offer help on describing how Allianz screwed the customer.

I'm surprised the customer didn't tell them off in stronger language. Thanks for the warning.

Sarah, HelpTeam
Amsterdam, Ohio, United States #621996

Dear Bach6281,

I’m Sarah from the Allianz HelpTeam. I am sincerely sorry about your mother’s cancer and your frustration that the policy you purchased did not provide coverage for your particular circumstance.

We strive to make our plan benefits and conditions clear at the time of purchase and offer a 10-day free look so you can review the policy in detail and decide if it provides the appropriate coverage. If you have further questions about the outcome of your claim, or would like someone to walk you through the policy you purchased in full detail, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service line at 1-800-284-8300.


Sarah, HelpTeam

to Sarah, HelpTeam Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #636573

One of the most offensive Allianz tactics is hiring someone who is part of their so-called "Help Team" to make self-serving comments on the complaints posted here. If Allianz really cared anything about servign their customers, they would start paying legitimate claims and stop deliberately misleading customers.

Instead, they pay someone to pretend that Allianz gives a rip about the people they are suppposedly insuring, while actually doing nothing to help get their claims paid. Truly indefensible.

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