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I purchased a travel protection plan with Allianz. Not realizing that they don't cover anything if you have to purchase another ticket to get home. I am so angry. The paltry $150 "travel delay" does nothing to help me pay for the $600 ticket I had to purchase in order to get home the same day. And the operator that says "you should have read the policy" speech infuriated me. They SUCK! Yet another Insurance Scam shame on me for not reading the...
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This company is a farce!!Booked a flight to go to my daughter's in Louisiana. There was a flood deemed a National disaster and my daughter lost everything, along with thousands of other people and businesses. My daughter said it looks like a war zone with the streets lined with ruined furniture, etc. It will take months to get things back to normal. Most stores and hotels are closed for restoration. The few in the area that are open are filled...
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Booked a trip from St. John's to Cuba connecting thru Halifax (8 hr. layover). Departing February 17th to Halifax connecting thru to Cuba on the 18th. Booked hotel room in Halifax. Gave credit card number to hold room. Was going to pay with credit card upon arrival. Flight from St. John's was cancelled due to weather. Caught first flight out of St. John's the next morning and made connecting to flight to Cuba. February 18th. Returning flight...
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My wife and I purchased flight tickets from Denver, Colorado to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.We were to leave on 6/15/2015, however, she had a couple of fainting spells in late May and early June, 2015. She saw her doctor and he recommended that she not fly. We had originally purchased the flight tickets and the trip insurance on February 21, 2015. When we filed a claim, we were told that we did not buy the insurance until June 8, 2015 and the...
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